The crowd loves the athletes

We research new ways
to support athletes from anywhere.

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What is HeartLink?

HeartLink is an application for cheering athletes.
If you're an athlete, you can allow friends to cheer you live.

For Athletes

Boost your performance - Download and install the the app on your smartphone. The app allows you to share locative and physiological data so friends can CHEER you live from anywhere!

For Supporters

Follow your friends live performance in their athletic events on the HeartLink community portal and boost their performance by sending digital CHEERS. They will feel your support instantly!

Help Us

We believe that social networks should be about people. Help us make human centric communities that encourage social support.

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The Mobile App

The HeartLink mobile app allows you to broadcast your locative and physiological data across the globe and receive social support right when you need it.

Broadcast Globally

You can broadcast yourself across the globe. Let your friends see how good you are, the effort you make and the successes you achieve.

Get a Social Boost

Boost your energy by knowing that a crowd is following your performance. The app allows you to customise the way you receive digital cheers.

Follow athletes live

A dedicated webpage allows you to follow your friends' live performance.

Follow a live performance

Data from athletes is streamed to the world in real-time. We'll tell you the story as it happens with specially designed visualisations.

Send Cheers

Click the Cheer button to send a small vibration. This gives the awareness that a crowd is following the performance.

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Ongoing Research

Following years of academic research,
these are some latest features.

Simple to use

Simplicity is gooood. Just start the app and you'll broadcast to the world.

No distractions

We made sure that the app does not distract you during the event - there are no buttons to press - no text to read
once you start.


Real social support

Real friends support you while you are doing your activity.

Open data

HeartLink is open source and you are free to create your own community, manage your data and your data storage.